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Returns and exchanges Seller Nov 13, 2018
Please enter the customs clearance number of your personal identification number. Seller Nov 13, 2018
VAT related taxes Seller Nov 13, 2018
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Highly Recommend Jan 25, 2019 biy*** (KR KR)
Netural Nov 14, 2018 lee*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Sep 30, 2018 bru*** (KR KR)
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    Returns and exchanges

    Japanese shopping malls often do not accept returns by simple remorse, so returning is often difficult.
    You can not cancel your order because the order is in place while you are preparing for shipping.

    If it is possible to return it, there will be a return cost, and the cost will vary depending on the weight of the product and the delivery status.

    If the product is defective, you can return the exchange within 7 days of delivery, but not if the components and box are not in the same state as received.
    In the event of an initial failure, if there is evidence of use, missing components, or damage to the box, it is not possible to return it.

    If the item is damaged, we will request a picture to check the status of delivery.
    For more information, please contact the bulletin board or customer center!
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    Please enter the customs clearance number of your personal identification number.

    If the recipient and purchaser are different from each other, please specify the personal identification code of the recipient.

    A relief number starting with 0505 is not clearance. Please enter the correct number.

    If you do not enter your personal identification code incorrectly or if you make a mistake, customs clearance may be delayed or the goods may be returned. (Round-trip international shipping costs will be charged for returns.)
    If you are not able to contact the recipient at the time of shipment in Korea, please be sure to check the contact information before purchasing.

    ★ Personal clearance unique code issuing site
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    VAT related taxes

    For products with a standard value of US $ 150 or more, this item is subject to a separate VAT.
    If the item ordered at the Sekai shop is less than $ 150, the same day will be clearance on the same day,
    Additional taxes may be incurred, and this is the customer's responsibility. (The same day, the total of more than $ 150 items)
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    Things to note before purchasing electronic equipment

    For electronic products shipped from the Sekai shop, this product is for domestic use.
    Therefore, a transformer is required unless otherwise noted.
    It's not a pig's nose, it's a transformer!

    ★ If you need to use a transformer, you can check 100% if the product is broken by using pig nose.
    ★ In case of failure due to use / unused transformer, return / exchange / repair is absolutely impossible.

    The transformer must be purchased separately by the purchaser, and it is most accurate to contact the transformer dealer for the proper capacity of the transformer.
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