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Bausch & LombBausch Lomb Medalist One Day Plus 90 Lenses x 2 Box [180 LENSES]

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    • Japan
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    Qprime - US$1.99 ~

    Shipping rate will be added according to region/Weight.
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    2Qty (per a purchase)
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    ∙ Base Curve
    Power (1st box - 90 Lenses)
    Power (2nd box - 90 Lenses)
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Subject Register Date
※ Please check the contact lens before purchasing ※ Seller Jul 31, 2019
※ Please check the contact lens before purchase ↓ ※ Seller Jul 31, 2019
Product Origin
ボシュロム(Bausch & Lomb) / アイルランド共和国 Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (Japan)
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.

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Highly Recommend Mar 10, 2020 812*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Dec 01, 2019 pin*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Sep 24, 2019 doc*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Apr 18, 2018 ros*** (US US)
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Question & Answer
  • Notice

    ※ Please check the contact lens before purchasing ※

    Contact lenses can not be returned or exchanged

    ・ Contact lenses are medical products, so you can not receive products from overseas from the head office (Japan).
    You can not exchange or return products. 【Return】

    [※ Please be sure to check the frequency before confirmation. ]

    ・ About tariff

    Our shop is a Japanese shop. Products will be shipped from Japan.
    Tariffs can occur in the country of arrival. Make sure you have a good understanding, and in advance at the customs service website.
    ※ In our shop, we can not guide you about customs duties.

    ※ Products of your order may be shipped out together.

    In the case of customs duties, you can usually receive the goods after payment according to the instructions of the customs authorities.

    ※ When product is returned to our shop for reasons such as payment refusal or duty receipt,
    Shipping charges will be deducted and processing will be refunded.
  • Notice

    ※ Please check the contact lens before purchase ↓ ※

    ※ Please check before purchasing contact lenses ※
    · Contact lenses cannot be returned or exchanged
    Since contact lenses are medical products, it is not possible to exchange or return products because overseas delivery products cannot be received at our store (Japan). [Ship back]
    · The maximum number of shipments to Korea is 6 per person. (If you purchase more than 6 items, you are not allowed to clear customs and dispose of them.) Please be careful when purchasing.
    ※ Please check the frequency before purchasing.
    ※ Customs
    Our store is a Japanese shop. Products are shipped from Japan.
    Therefore, customs duties may be incurred in the country of destination. With sufficient understanding, please check on the customs website in advance.
    ※ We are not able to guide you about customs duties.
    ※ Order products can be shipped together.
    ※ In the event of tariff, goods can be received after payment according to the customs' inst
  • Answered
    Japan jma******* 2020-06-18
    ★ Answer by translation program. Sorry if there was a mistake

    Thank you very much for your inquiry.

    The product you ordered today is Friday, June 19th, towards the Qoo10 warehouse.
    We have a shipping procedure. Sequential shipment after arrival at Qoo10 warehouse
    I will be.

    It can be tracked after it has been shipped from Qoo10 warehouse.
    (※ You can take days to reflect)

    Please wait until arrival.
    I will leave it up to you.

    Thank you for asking.

    SHOP ナチュリア
    natulea 2020-06-19
  • Answered
    South Korea wjs******* 2020-04-22
    Private Enquiry
    natulea 2020-04-23
  • Answered
    South Korea rnj******* 2020-03-18
    After order goods are delivered to the Qxpress warehouse
    We are conducting Qxpress flight procedures.
    Due to the shrinking transportation service between Japan and Korea
    Until delivery, we have a number of days.
    If you are in a hurry, you may not reach the desired date.
    Sorry for national policy
    natulea 2020-03-23
  • Answered
    South Korea ste******* 2020-03-17
    It varies slightly depending on the frequency, but where you saw the stock,
    There are many products from 2023 to 2024.
    ★ Depending on the availability of the stock is somewhat back and forth.
    natulea 2020-03-23
  • Unanswered
    South Korea joy******* 2020-02-27
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