[None]Snail StarCraft J1900 NAS 4GB RAM + 16GB/US$75/pcs

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*Chinese product purchasing agency related product sourcing inquiry / China wholesale / B2B / large Seller Jun 22, 2021
Item code 681842027 (681819447)
Country of Origin/Manufacture/Assembly China Condition Used Item (Refurbish, Period of use : )
Manufacturer None
Shipping From From Overseas (China)

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Highly Recommend Jan 15, 2021 blu*** (KR South Korea)
Not Recommend Dec 31, 2020 iss*** (KR South Korea)
Highly Recommend Dec 30, 2020 Xem*** (KR South Korea)
Recommend Dec 23, 2020 vpd*** (KR South Korea)
Netural Dec 18, 2020 jan*** (KR South Korea)
Highly Recommend Dec 11, 2020 dae*** (KR South Korea)
Netural Nov 23, 2020 nob*** (KR South Korea)
Highly Recommend Jul 18, 2021 we5*** (KR South Korea)
Recommend Jun 28, 2021 arm*** (KR South Korea)
Highly Recommend Jun 24, 2021 zzu*** (KR South Korea)
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    *Chinese product purchasing agency related product sourcing inquiry / China wholesale / B2B / large

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    CN Quube Global Shop
  • Answered
    South Korea hangil31 2021-07-13
    Hello, please check your message. Thank you.
    CN Quube Global Shop 2021-07-14
  • Answered
    South Korea zzugul36 2021-06-22
    Hello customer, id/pass : admin /123456 Please check if it is possible. Thank you.
    CN Quube Global Shop 2021-06-22
    Oh it will be 123456 It's this time
    Thank you for your confirmation.
  • Answered
    South Korea 궁금 2021-06-12
    Hello customer, it is impossible to process this product as an overseas delivery product due to a problem when dismantling or installing it arbitrarily. If a problem occurs due to the above reasons, refund/exchange processing is not possible at the buyer's fault Thank you.
    CN Quube Global Shop 2021-06-15
  • Answered
    South Korea thirthking 2021-05-25
    Hello customer, If you leave it as a live desk, we ask for your understanding that it is not possible to respond quickly as the response time is fixed. Currently, we have forwarded the B21 product again and asked for confirmation. Please answer with Q/A.
    CN Quube Global Shop 2021-05-25
    They said you requested confirmation, so please let us know as soon as the results come out.
    Hello customer, I will proceed with the return and refund process. Please send it to the address below and attach the waybill. Thank you.
    68, Hangdong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Hangdong Harbor Line 9, 902-dong 804
    Han Seung-won. 010 7514 7199
    Can I send it by courier regardless of the courier service?
    Hello customer, we do not have a designated courier company. Thank you.
    We will send you an attached shipping note. Is it possible to exchange rather than return?
    Can I order again sooner?
    Hello, customer, we recommend that you re-order after normal delivery. Please understand that 98% of new products are currently sold out in stock. Thank you.
    I have received a return, how do I process a refund?
    Hello customer, I requested a refund today. Thank you.
  • Answered
    South Korea jpkim 2021-05-24
    Hello customer, please attach a photo or video to check the error condition. Since the product you received is already installed so that it can be used immediately, problems may occur during random upgrades, downgrades, and installations. Please confirm. Thank you.
    CN Quube Global Shop 2021-05-24
    I remember that the message that the Sd card was damaged continuously popped up, and the NAS programs were not installed, so I pressed recovery.
    After that, the installation does not work on the screen you see.
    Hello Dear customer, we will send you a photo and ask for confirmation.
    Hello, customer, please check when you placed your order. If it is more than 1 month after your order, we cannot check customer information. Thank you.
    please hurry up
    Hello customer, I'm sorry, but please check that you did not install arbitrarily. If you upgrade or downgrade arbitrarily, not only will there be difficulties in handling due to your negligence, but there is no separate after-sales service for overseas delivery products. In this case, it is impossible to verify your information, so processing is difficult. Thank you for your understanding.
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