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Qpoint/ Qstamp/ Callpoint is valid for 6 months. (from 2016.2.16), The Share Reward is a sharing reward in this month. (Including estimated reward)

Q·members Program

What is membership level

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Membership Level

  • VIP

    Credit Points ≥ 50
    & At least 20 purchases & $200 total within 3 months.

  • Gold

    30 ≤ Credit Points < 50
    & At least 10 purchases & $50 total within 3 months.

  • Silver

    15 ≤ Credit Points < 30
    & At least 5 purchases & $30 total within 3 months.

  • Green

    0 ≤ Credit Points < 15

    * Each level’s condition requirements needs to be fully met in order to qualify for a upgrade.

What is credit point?

Credit points are issued to a member when orders are made or deducted when orders are cancelled. A member’s accumulated credit points are used to determine one’s membership level.

[Credit point issued]
- Qoo10 member registration:5 points issued.
- Order completion:1 point issued

[Credit point deducted]
- Order cancelled or refunded: 1~4 points deducted

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You can receive Qpoint when confirm delivery and write your own review.

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