[xiao mi you pin]Xiaomi Edon wireless folding humidification fan / usb rechargeable mini fan / multi-purpose humidifi

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Inquiry to purchase large quantities of Chinese products / China wholesale / China B2B / bulk purcha Seller Nov 18, 2019
*Notes on purchase* Seller Aug 10, 2020
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xiao mi you pin / China Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (China)

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Highly Recommend Apr 10, 2021 yyi*** (KR KR)
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Highly Recommend Mar 24, 2021 fee*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Mar 23, 2021 hik*** (KR KR)
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    Inquiry to purchase large quantities of Chinese products / China wholesale / China B2B / bulk purcha

    Thank you for always using QB China Wholesale Market.

    We will directly assist you in purchasing large quantities of Chinese wholesale products of the best price and quality in China.

    *Inquiry to purchase large quantities of Chinese products

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    *Notes on purchase*

    Hello Dear Customer, This product is shipped overseas, and restrictions on exports of electronic products may result in confiscation of Korean customs and fines.
    If you are purchasing two or more products for personal use, please order by filling in the order information (recipient/contact/address) to a different address such as family, acquaintance, etc., not the same information. Thank you.
  • Answered
    South Korea imlinu4u 2021-03-23
    Hello Dear customer, I use the remote control without the need for a separate connection. Please check if there is enough battery in the remote control. If it is still unavailable, please attach a video that allows you to check the product. Please understand that the exchange/refund process is complicated due to overseas delivery. Thank you.
    Quube.CN 2021-03-24
  • Answered
    South Korea kwonyh8102 2021-02-27
    안녕하세요 고객님, 상품페이지상 오류입니다. 5단 사용시 환경상태에 따라 약 2시간 사용가능하십니다. 확인부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.
    Quube.CN 2021-03-01
  • Answered
    South Korea kwonyh8102 2021-02-23
    안녕하세요 고객님, 정격전압/주파수 3.7VDC 정격공률 5VDC 상품입니다. 확인부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.
    Quube.CN 2021-02-23
  • Answered
    South Korea 배송 2021-02-22
    Hello Dear Customer, Due to the Lunar New Year holidays, delivery is delayed because orders are delivered sequentially from before the holidays. Please understand. Thank you.
    Quube.CN 2021-02-22
    No, so I ask you to let me know the date. Don't make me wait blindly.
    When will I ship it? Don't say it's a delay.
    Hello customer, please understand that it is not possible to check the exact date. It is expected to arrive in Korea by shipping this week. Please understand that delivery may be delayed depending on the quantity of Incheon Customs. Thank you.
    Are you sure it will be available this week
    Hello customer, it is possible to ship within this week. Please note. Thank you.
    What if I can't ship this week?
    Hello customer, if you are unable to wait, please cancel your order. Please understand once again that the delivery is delayed. Thank you.
    You haven't shipped so far and now cancel it? That's not possible, so please ship the product within this week.
    Hello customer, we will make it possible to ship this week. Thank you.
  • Answered
    South Korea kwonyh8102 2021-02-14
    Hello Customer, This product is expected to be released after Chinese New Year. Please understand. Thank you
    Quube.CN 2021-02-15
    If I ordered on February 5th, doesn't it have to have been shipped? The order deadline was written on February 8th, so I paid for it...
    Hello Dear Customer, There are products that have been closed from the end of January since the end of January due to the Lunar New Year holidays, so if you look at the notice, it may differ depending on the product. It is expected to be available around the end of February due to the long holiday period as a major holiday in China. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please understand. Thank you.
  • Answered
    South Korea hsj891106 2021-01-19
    Private Enquiry
    Quube.CN 2021-01-20
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
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