WisFarm - Crowd Shopping Project

  • Top Selling Brands

    As consumer demand increases, the handbag industry has shown a good amount of growth in the past few years and is expected to increase in the future.

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    71.4% Raised∯30,000
  • D-9
    Camping, Magical Thrill! Coca Cola Camping Set!

    Proven Items on Other Platforms

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    73.8% Raised∯100,000
  • [Season 2] Home Sweet Home

    premium quality everyday home essentials at an affordable price

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    6.5% Raised∯70,000
  • On Sale
    [Season 2] Qoolife Diaper Carton Sale

    Providing The Best For Your Little Ones

    Reward5% of WisFarm sales
    0.03% EarnedReward Target : 5%
  • On Sale
    Mikuk! is Introducing America’s Best Tech Items

    Pick one from our popular tech products from the world's largest market!

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    0.22% EarnedReward Target : 10%
  • On Sale
    HIMALAYA PartySmart Capsules (6 box total 30 capsules)

    Hello, this is Quube MY Store, the owner of Wish Farm! We would like to introduce our project

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    0% EarnedReward Target : 10%
  • On Sale
    [Round 2] Popular & Special Best Value Digital Gadgets

    We will continue to discover and line up digital items with excellent cost-effectiveness. Please support for us.

    Reward7% of WisFarm sales
    0.16% EarnedReward Target : 7%
  • 미르도 with 캠핑 2차

    미르도는 밀도(密度)를 뜻합니다. 생활의 질을 높일 수 있는 상품을 소개하고, 밀도 높은 생활을 선사한다는 의미입니다. 미르도 캠핑 1차 리워드 12% 달성!! 2차 대모집 !!

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    45.1% Raised∯50,000
  • India's Most Loved Products

    Introducing top sellers of India, within which there is an increase in demands and needs, people are investing their time and money in good quality products. So check it out and support us.

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    4.6% Raised∯100,000
  • On Sale
    Branded Phones For Everyone!

    Indian mobile industry has witnessed high demand in years and estimated to grow in future. Phones with good functions are quite famous among large number of Indians. Check out the brands and support to get high rewards

    Reward10% of WisFarm sales
    0.01% EarnedReward Target : 10%

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