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Privacy Policy

Giosis Pte. Ltd. ("Company" or "Live10") complies with applicable laws and regulations on privacy which information and communications service providers should follow regarding Communications Privacy Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act. The "Company" is committed to protect user rights in accordance with its privacy policy and relevant laws and regulations.

1. Collecting personal information lists and methods

(1) A list of personal information we collect

First, we may collect and store the following personal information during initial member registration in order to provide membership registration, customer service, and other various services: user ID, email address, password, name, date of birth, sex, phone number, phone numbers of third party saved in user’s phone and unique device number (Device ID or IMEI).

Second, the following information can be connected during the use of service:
User status information, picture, cookie, visited date, usage history.

(2) Method of collecting personal information

Company collects personal information by using the following methods:

- Automatic collection of information by logging in or the use of Live10 program.

- Collecting information through service registration or user information voluntarily provided with consent.

2. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

(1) Provision of Live10 basic function

Live10 provides services such as automatic friend registration or friend recommendation by collecting or using third parties phone number from user's saved phone number lists. Also, when user registers, Live10 collects and stores unique device number (device ID or IMEI) to use it with user's phone number for Live10 account identification purpose. User status information, name, ID, and photos are registered information which are shared and disclosed to other users during the communication.

(2) Regular phone connection service

Regular phone connection service is provided by using Callpoint deduction: Callpoint can be purchased or exchange with Gstamp or miles.

(3) Member management

Membership service, limited use of personal identification, prevention service use for member misconduct, confirm registration, limit maximum number of registration, identification of legal representative, record-keeping for dispute resolution, complaints handling and delivery of notices

(4) New service development and marketing utilization

Develop new service or provide personalized service, display ad and provide service based on statistical data evaluation, check service validity, provide participation opportunities for entering events and promotional information, determine the frequency of access and membership statistics on use of the service.

3. The sharing of personal information and providing

The company uses user's personal information within the scope of the notified use at "the reason for the collection of personal information", will not disclose user's personal information to third parties without the prior consent of users. However, for the following cases are available to use or provide personal information.
- If the user agrees to disclose in advance
- In accordance with the provisions of the law, or the requested by investigative agency according to the procedures and methods set forth in law.

4. Technical / managerial measures to protect of personal information

The company considers the following technical / administrative measures for securing the stability purpose to avoid personal information from loss, theft, disclosure, alteration or tampering in handling personal information.

(1) Measures against hacking

The company does best to prevent leakage or damage of personal information by hacking or computer virus. Therefore, the company does data backup from time to time, update with latest version of antivirus program to prevent leakage or damage of personal information. The company tries to transmit personal information with safe by encrypted communication over the network and controls unauthorized access from outside by using firewall system. Also, tries best to secure all available technical equipment for better protection in systematically.

(2) Minimize handling and training of staff

The company limited to employees to handling personal information and gives a separate password for the update on a regular basis. Also, through frequent training for staff, always highlighted to comply with privacy.

(3) Operates of privacy agreement agency

The company tries best to correct errors immediately through privacy agreement department to check Live10 personal information handling privacy and the person in charge. However, the company doesn't have any responsibility if personal information has been disclosure by individual's negligence or the company without any purposes.

5. Personal Information Management Officer or representatives contact information

Customers can be reported all the complaints related to personal information protection to the right representative or department when using our services. The company will be happy to answer immediately for customers complaints.

Personal Information Management Officer
Name: Nohyeon Seok
Affiliation: QA Department
Phone: 82-2-6004-9860
Title: Division Leader
Email: privacy@qoo10.com