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  • Qoo10 Legend Series - Baseus
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Qoo10 Legend Series - Baseus

This WisFarm ended early exceeding 5% reward.
(Original End Date : Jun 16, 2022 )
  • WisFarm Reward

    5% of Sales (Qmoney)
  • Goal

  • Q*coin Raised

    100% Supporters
  • Subscription Period

    May 18, 2022 ~ Jul 17, 2022
  • Project Sale Period

    May 25, 2022 ~ Jun 16, 2022
  • Rewards Progress

    5% Earned Reward Target : 5%

    If the rate of return reaches 5%, WisFarm could be finished early.

  • Reward Payout

    20th of Every Month

    Supporters receive 5% of WisFarm products sales as Qoo10 or QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the next month.

Proven Sale Volume, Stable Rewards!

Project Owner

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WisFarm Owner
Qoo10 Legend Series #2! It is not only brought High Cost Performance products but also the best Chinese brand Baseus who wants to purchase for overseas products.
Reason for WisFarm Project
The line-up of wisfarm product is starting from Baseus called by the second Xiaomi. And attracting consumers with more competitive prices, meanwhile We offer you the first opportunity to see new product released to be online.

High-quality products, low prices, and fast delivery bring buyers a comfortable shopping experience.

Baseus occupy the top demand-supply market share in the smart devices and vehicle accessories. Embodying the design concept of providing customers with innovative and fashionable products
WisFarm Goals
The target sales of this WisFarm are $60,000(Based on 100% achievement of target Qcoin)
Reason why this project would succeed
We will proceed with WisFarm of products that have already been proven to be sold in Qoo10,and supply new products of Baseus at the lowest price first

In addition, we will provide the items with proven cost-effectiveness, such as Xiaomi, can be found first with stable and fast delivery.

WisFarm Budget
The Wish Farm budget will only be used to purchase products.
Early Termination
WisFarm Project can be terminated early upon achieving 100% of the target reward to supporters.
My Affiliate Reward
(5% of WisFarm Product Sales) X (Q*coin planted by me) ÷ (All Q*Coin planted in WisFarm)
* Supporters receive the affiliate reward of fully subscribed WF as Qoo10 or QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the month following sales.
Min. Q*coin For Subscription∯ 100
* If you do not have enough Q*coin, you can subscribe after purchase.
Buy Q*coin
Q*coin Return DateJun 17, 2022
* Q*coin cannot be returned before the return date.
* Q*coin will be returned as it is.
* If the rate of return reaches 5%, WisFarm could be finished early.