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  • CHINAFARM #3:  Xiaomi ecological chain brands
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CHINAFARM #3: Xiaomi ecological chain brands

  • Affiliate Reward

    7% of Sales (Qmoney)
  • Goal

  • Q*coin Raised

    100% Supporters
  • Subscription Period

    Jun 02, 22 ~ Jul 02, 22
  • Project Sale Period

    Jun 19, 22 ~ Sep 18, 22
  • Rewards Progress

    1.91% Earned Reward Target : 7%
  • Reward Payout

    20th of Every Month

    Supporters receive 7% of WisFarm products sales as subcription site(or QuuBe) Q-money on the 20th of the next month.

Bang for the buck! Promising good returns! Introducing XIAOMI lineups!
Project Owner
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Farming Item

WisFarm Owner
Hello,This is the owner of Wish Farm [CN Quube Global Shop].
CN Quube Global Shop is a product-oriented comprehensive wholesale shopping shop that prioritizes economical price and cost-effectiveness through direct transactions with excellent Chinese brands, wholesale sellers, and producers .
The Reason for Wisfarm
A series of cost-effective products from Xiaomi ecological chain

...and more brands

Xiaomi youpin has a series of high-quality companies to join,
and together with them, they continue to develop high-quality and cost-effective products
We will also do our best to provide you with more cost-effective products and a more pleasant shopping experience

Why the Project is inevitably a success:
1. Xiaomi youpin is link of Xiaomi company boutique life shopping platform
2. Xiaomi has goods to support the independent development of third-party brands and serve users together
3. you can buy these brands on our wisfarm at a lower price
4. Stylish and simple product design and super cost-effective price
5. 100% guaranteed after-sales
Wisfarm Goals
The Wish Farm target is US$60,000 (Based on achieving 100% target Qcoin)
Wisfarm Budget Use Plan
Wisfarm budget will be used only for product purchase and CN Local Stock shipping.
Early Termination
WisFarm Project can be terminated early upon achieving 100% of the target reward to supporters.
My Affiliate Reward
(7% of WisFarm Product Sales) X (Q*coin planted by me) ÷ (All Q*Coin planted in WisFarm)
* Supporters receive the affiliate reward of fully subscribed WF as QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the month following sales.
Min. Q*coin For Subscription∯ 100
* If you do not have enough Q*coin, you can subscribe after purchase.
Buy Q*coin
Q*coin Return DateSep 19, 2022
* Q*coin cannot be returned before the return date.
* Q*coin will be returned as it is.