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Hexa Food - Please be our Supporters

  • Affiliate Reward

    5% of Sales (Qmoney)
  • Goal

  • Q*coin Raised

    100% Supporters
  • Subscription Period

    Jun 27, 22 ~ Aug 05, 22
  • Project Sale Period

    Jul 07, 22 ~ Oct 07, 22
  • Rewards Progress

    0.11% Earned Reward Target : 5%
  • Reward Payout

    20th of Every Month

    Supporters receive 5% of WisFarm products sales as subcription site(or QuuBe) Q-money on the 20th of the next month.

Bringing the best possible products in terms of price and quality to our Valuable Customers
Project Owner
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WisFarm Owner
HEXA Food Sdn. Bhd. is a home-grown food manufacturing company, producing more than a hundred different types of spices, herbs, seasonings, ready-to-cook premixes and marinades in our factories .
Reason for WisFarm
Whether you’re planning for a quick family meal, special-occasion feast with your loved ones, or just looking for something healthy and nutritious, we have you covered. This Main Project is so that you and your family get to enjoy the best quality of spices at a affordable prices with this current economy period.

Why the HEXA Food Spices Project is inevitably a success
Our products are all HALAL, HACCP and ISO 22000 certified .

Our brand name, HEXA, is a blend of the words ‘Healthy’ and ‘Extra’. The reason behind this is that we want to emphasize the importance of 6 areas in our life that contribute to and shape our wellbeing, namely Self, Family, Physical, Career, Social and Spiritual health. 
Wisfarm Goals
The Wisfarm target is USD $12,000 (based on achieving 100% target Qcoin).
WisFarm Budget Usage Plan
WisFarm budget will be used only for purchasing products, delivery and warehouse costs.
Early Termination
“ WisFarm Project can be terminated early upon achieving 100% of the target reward to supporters”
My Affiliate Reward
(5% of WisFarm Product Sales) X (Q*coin planted by me) ÷ (All Q*Coin planted in WisFarm)
* Supporters receive the affiliate reward of fully subscribed WF as QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the month following sales.
Min. Q*coin For Subscription∯ 50
* If you do not have enough Q*coin, you can subscribe after purchase.
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Q*coin Return DateOct 08, 2022
* Q*coin cannot be returned before the return date.
* Q*coin will be returned as it is.