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India's Most Loved Products

  • Affiliate Reward

    10% of Sales (Qmoney)
  • Goal

  • Q*coin Raised

    100% Supporters
  • Subscription Period

    Aug 11, 22 ~ Sep 11, 22
  • Project Sale Period

    Sep 09, 22 ~ Dec 09, 22
  • Rewards Progress

    0.29% Earned Reward Target : 10%
  • Reward Payout

    20th of Every Month

    Supporters receive 10% of WisFarm products sales as subcription site(or QuuBe) Q-money on the 20th of the next month.

Introducing top sellers of India, within which there is an increase in demands and needs, people are investing their time and money in good quality products. So check it out and support us.
Project Owner
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Shopclues IndiaRating: 90point
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Wisfarm Owner
ShopClues is one of the top E-commerce companies of India and the largest online marketplace in India. ShopClues Marketplace has been in operation for last 10+ years.
It has over 70 million registered customers and nearly 1 million registered sellers on the platform. ShopClues delivery network encompasses almost the entire country including remote locations. This has been achieved through tie-ups with 40+ courier partners who enable customer deliveries
Why to go for this project?
India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and there isn't a doubt that it has the potential in the future. With the increase in customers' demands and needs, there has been growth in the purchasing power of the people, which gave a number of brands an opportunity to grow to the max. Since we talk about an increase in demands, one can't deny the fact that people are more inclined toward quality products that are long-lasting and durable. While the wants and needs of consumers are changing every day, this is the best opportunity to support us.

Major Highlights of the Wisfarm
1-Top Quality Products
2-Best Brands
3-Express Delivery
Wisfarm Goals
Wisfarm Sales Target (Project Period): USD $120,000

Once the budget is secured, we will quickly be able to start the sale for these products. These products already have a good demand in the market and with your support we will start promoting them aggressively and the sale will increase.

Wisfarm Budget

QCoin Target: $100,000
Sale Target: $120,000

WisFarm Budget Usage Plan
WisFarm budget will be used for procurement of goods at the correct price as well as for marketing activity to ensure sale of the product.
* Supporters are rewarded with 10% of last month's sales.
Early Termination
WisFarm Project can be terminated early upon achieving 100% of the target reward to supporters.
My Affiliate Reward
(10% of WisFarm Product Sales) X (Q*coin planted by me) ÷ (All Q*Coin planted in WisFarm)
* Supporters receive the affiliate reward of fully subscribed WF as QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the month following sales.
Min. Q*coin For Subscription∯ 100
* If you do not have enough Q*coin, you can subscribe after purchase.
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Q*coin Return DateDec 10, 2022
* Supported Q*coin is locked in your wallet and cannot be used before return date.
* Q*coin will be unlock as it is on return date.