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Best Of Milk Formulas

This WisFarm ended early exceeding 5% reward.
(Original End Date : Aug 12, 2022 )
  • WisFarm Reward

    5% of Sales (Qmoney)
  • Goal

  • Q*coin Raised

    100% Supporters
  • Subscription Period

    May 11, 2022 ~ May 24, 2022
  • Project Sale Period

    May 13, 2022 ~ Jun 23, 2022
  • Rewards Progress

    5.25% Earned Reward Target : 5%

    If the rate of return reaches 5%, WisFarm could be finished early.

  • Reward Payout

    20th of Every Month

    Supporters receive 5% of WisFarm products sales as Qoo10 or QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the next month.

Project Owner

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WisFarm Owner

Qoolife, Qoo10’s very own supermarket, was established in 2012. We recognized a gap in the market for a one-stop shop to get all your daily necessities online.

Today, we offer more than a thousand SKUs with same day delivery. Qoolife offers a wide array of products: Baby and maternity, Home and Living, Food and beverages, Beauty and skincare. We work hard with our partners to offer household goods at the best discounts, bringing you the best value with your purchase.

Reason for WisFarm

Ensure has a mix of what matters. Each designed to give you strength and energy from a specialized nutrition blend that’s both complete AND balanced: Complete Nutrition = Good source of essential vitamins and minerals Balanced Nutrition = Well-proportioned macronutrients + essential vitamins and minerals

Similac 2’-FL: We are proud to introduce 2’-FL, a breakthrough in child nutrition, the result of over 15 years of scientific study led by Abbott, for the overall well-being of children to support their learning journey. At Abbott, optimal growth in the formative years is fundamental to health for life. So, our formulations are scientifically designed with the optimal range and levels of nutrients that provide the building blocks to fuel growth. These include: high quality blend of proteins for muscle and tissue building; calcium for strong bones and teeth and, Vitamin D to facilitate calcium absorption and improve bone strength.

NAN OPTIPRO Growing up milk, our breakthrough formulation, with Immunity Guardians+ and highest level of 2’-FL^. It is a scientifically advanced age-adapted formula for every child. Together with BIDIFUS BL Probiotics as well as Optimized gentle proteins, to build the right foundation for your child’s growth and nourish their every possible. + Immunity Guardians: Iron & Vitamins A, B12, C & Folic Acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system.^ Compared among infant milk formula brands in Singapore, according to declared value per 100g of powder.

Why this project is inevitably a success

Milk Formula
Parents often find a need to stock up on milk formulas while trying to ensure they get fresh stocks with a far expiry date. By supporting our Wisfarm, parents can ensure that they have a steady replenishing of milk formula without painstakingly searching for the best deal during mega campaigns. They also secure their supply of factory-fresh milk formula with the farthest expiry date.

WisFarm Goals
WisFarm Sales Target (Project Period):
USD 120,000.
(Based on 100% achievement of target Q*coin)

With the budget secured:
1. We will be able to bring in a bigger batches to decrease the unit price.
2.We will be able to offer it at even lower prices to reward all our customers.

WisFarm budget will be used only for purchasing products, delivery and warehouse costs.

Wisfarm project may end earlier than expected if goal is attained before deadline.
WisFarm Budget Usage Plan
WisFarm budget will be used only for purchasing products, delivery and warehouse costs.
Early Termination
WisFarm Project can be terminated early upon achieving 100% of the target reward to supporters

My Affiliate Reward
(5% of WisFarm Product Sales) X (Q*coin planted by me) ÷ (All Q*Coin planted in WisFarm)
* Supporters receive the affiliate reward of fully subscribed WF as Qoo10 or QuuBe Q-money on the 20th of the month following sales.
Min. Q*coin For Subscription∯ 100
* If you do not have enough Q*coin, you can subscribe after purchase.
Buy Q*coin
Q*coin Return DateJun 24, 2022
* Q*coin cannot be returned before the return date.
* Q*coin will be returned as it is.
* If the rate of return reaches 5%, WisFarm could be finished early.