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iQphone is a VoIP phone service launched by Qoo10.

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iQphone & iQnumber

  • 1. What is iQphone?

    • iQphone is a VoIP phone service launched by Qoo10.
    • iQphone provides DID type iQnumber in many countries including the United States and offers the most convenient and low price internet telephone service.
    • iQphone also offers Smart Conference, Smart Forwarding, Smart Roaming, Smart ARS, and Smart Access. If you are using an iQphone device, you can also reap the benefit of Smart Group/Call, Extension Number features to create Smart Home & Office environment.
  • 2. What is iQnumber?

    • iQnumber is a personal phone number used for make and receive calls using iQphone.
    • To use iQphone service, you need to choose a country of your choice for iQnumber.
    • Multiple iQnumbers are allowed per person.
  • 3. iQnumber prices

    • iQnumber is a paid service with a monthly fees.
    • If you have an iQnumber, you can make local and international calls at the lowest possible rate.
    • You can pay for iQnumber services using callpoints.
    • Prices by country (monthly): Japan 300 callpoints, South Korea 200 callpoints, USA 150 callpoints.
    Worldwide free call between iQphone users
    • China
    • HongKong
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • U.S.A
    • South Korea
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    Cheap international Calls
    • U.S.A 2 Callpoint/min
    • Singapore 2 Callpoint/min
    • South Korea 2 Callpoint/min
    • Japan 4 Callpoint/min
    • China 3 Callpoint/min
    • HongKong 2 Callpoint/min
    • Indonesia 6 Callpoint/min
    • Malaysia 2 Callpoint/min