Create your own
brand store.

See various Themes available for Qstore and Brand stores,
and create the online shopping site for your shop.

Qstore Registration in only 3 Steps!

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  • Step 1 Create Account

    If you want to create qstore,
    create account first

    Go Create Account
  • Step 2 Seller Registration

    Fill out the seller registration form and charge Qcash

    Go Seller Registration
  • Step 3 Apply Qstore

    Submit the Qstore application
    form and pay Qcash for
    registration fee

    Go Apply Qstore

※ Standard and Advance require a review. Applicants will be contacted within 1 week from registration.

※ Basic does not require review.

※ If you want to open a Qstore on other service sites (including Quube), please first register in the country where you want the service and then apply for Qstore on the site.

Plan can be upgraded

If you are already using a Basic or Standard plan, you can upgrade your plan for better functions.
For more information about Qstore Plan, Click on View Details. View Details >

If you have interested in upgrading plan, you may request for upgrade by contacting us at