Black Header Theme

This theme's features a modern black header and bold rolling banner. It displays the item's review ratings and the reviews and reviewers at the bottom of the page. Also, this template is recommended to the seller who has main event page because it automatically displays the items.
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Black Header Theme Seller Utilizing
  • Women's Fashion 테마이름
    opened in Singapore
  • Digital & Living 테마이름
    Light Of Heaven
    opened in Singapore
  • Women's Fashion 테마이름
    opened in Singapore
Theme features
rolling banner Banner-Rolling Banner
Showcase large, high-resolution rolling images at the top of main page.
item  list Item List
Display various collections(best sellers, new arrivals and Qspecial items) in your Qstore.
Banner List with Text Banner List with Text
Use images of different sizes and texts to showcase products,brands,categories or special events.
Qspecial Items #1 Qspecial Items #1
Collections in your Qspecial can be automatically displayed on main page.
Review-Main Page Review-Main Page
Customer reviews with images of your products can be shown at main page.
Category List Category List
For sellers who have a wide range of products to display all category lists on main page.
Color style
모노 그린 민트 스카이 네이비 퍼플 핑크 핫핑크 오렌지 옐로우 브라운