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2018 new winter thickening feet trousers Korean version was thin spring and autumn nine points pants

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Subject Register Date
Notes on collective taxation and how to avoid Seller Oct 15, 2018
★ Please fill in your name and address in Korean at the time of payment. ★ Seller Sep 21, 2018
★ Please be sure to enter the personal number of the recipient's personal clearance ★ Seller Sep 21, 2018
Place of origin
CHINA Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (China)
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
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Highly Recommend Jan 25, 2019 zil*** (KR KR)
Netural Jan 18, 2019 ang*** (KR KR)
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Question & Answer
  • Notice

    Notes on collective taxation and how to avoid

    The sum tax is an import that comes into the country,
    For all goods, if you go over the customs clearance, you will be charged tax

    Recipient: Kim **
    Shoes: $ 100
    Clothing: $ 150

    After purchasing
    If you come to Korea on January 1st
    The total amount is $ 250.

    2. Some questions about cumulative taxation

    Q. What is the standard for people to be charged for combined taxation?
    A. Recipient basis

    Q. Is it based on the date of purchase or the date of arrival?
    A. Based on the date of arrival

    Even if you bought on different dates,

    Q. I have purchased in the US and China, and will be charged if I come on the same day?
    A. This is not an imposition. If purchased country is different, it will not be added

    Q. Amount is only the amount of the item? Is shipping included?
    A. Amount basis is based on commodity price + domestic s
  • Notice

    ★ Please fill in your name and address in Korean at the time of payment. ★

    Please write your name and address in Korean when you checkout.
    The customs clearance of the recipient's name and recipient's personal clearance must match to speed up customs clearance.
  • Notice

    ★ Please be sure to enter the personal number of the recipient's personal clearance ★

    ★ Please be sure to enter the personal number of the recipient's personal clearance ★

    Customs clearance will be done by the name of the recipient (name of recipient).
    ★ When entering the personal number, please be sure to enter the personal number of the recipient's personal clearance ★

    If it is not the recipient's personal clearance code, the customs clearance will be delayed.

    exactly!!! Please enter the personal identification of the recipient.
    Personal clearance Unique code issuance is available on the following page.

    Thank you.
  • Notice

    ★ Required reading !!! Order cancellation and return exchange ★

    YY-TRADING is available for immediate purchase at your local logistics center
    In the case of inventory items, as soon as the order is confirmed,
    By default, orders can not be canceled.

    ※ If you can cancel your order
    1. For orders placed on the same day, 9: 00 ~ 6: 00 (except weekends) can be canceled.
    2. Payment can be canceled by the customer in the case of payment completion (pre-shipping).

    ※ The period of request according to the reason for return / exchange
    When returning, please contact with the seller first, and return goods after negotiating the reason for return, courier, shipping, return address etc.
    1 Buyers within 7 days after receipt of the item (Buyer International Roundtrip Shipping + Import VAT & Expenses)
    2 Within 30 days from receipt of the goods within 1 month after receipt of the goods, or from the date of receipt of the notice other than the indication / advertisement.
  • Answered
    South Korea hhs******* 2019-01-11
    Hello. I found this today.I'm sorry.I'm sorry that all of the trousers in China are blocked by buttonholes.I've never seen it myself today.I'll give you a repair fee, so I'll just contact Katok.
    YY-TRADING 2019-01-11
  • Answered
    South Korea new******* 2019-01-11
    I will contact you again after confirming you.
    YY-TRADING 2019-01-11
    There is no saying that there is no button hole anywhere on the product page you uploaded. Particularly, there are buttonholes in the product shots, and there is no way to sell products that are not in the buttonhole in Korea.
    Please punch through the button hole.
    Thank you for returning to our office.
    A prank house? Please make a refund and pay by courier or make a reservation by hand.
    Can I send it to you in cash in Korea?
    Is the seller joking? I am Korean, not Chinese. It is nonsense that there is no hole in Korea. When I launched the product, I did not check it. Please arrange for a payment or other arrangements. Does it mean that I will not process the product that I received because the next time I drill a hole?
    Please go to the laundry or repair shop near you and repair it. Do you mind?
    Can I accept that it does not matter how much I charge for the repair fee?
    As you may know, there are many places in the neighborhood that do not give you receipts.
    If you think of Korea's 2019 minimum wage, would you be able to deduce the repair cost of the laundry? I have two. You also contacted KakaoTalk?
    This is the picture I searched for by your Naver.
    Yes. But the products you sell do not have any explanation. All the shots are wearing. If you give us about 3,000 won, we will handle the remaining expenses. I'll do it again if I have enough money.
    Thank you for your personal information.
    Thank you very much for the seller, and for your prompt processing. Speed One is faster than any other seller in Quiten. Cultural differences. I will learn one thing. Thrive!
    My mother-in-law said nothing about wearing trousers for sale, so I could not imagine that the buttonhole was blocked. Through this opportunity, I searched for the reason why button holes in China are blocked. There are three reasons why I did not get a button hole in China Internet.
    1. To emphasize to the customer that the pants are new pants
    2. When customers are looking at the pants, the buttonhole grows
    3. For mass production
    Thank you for your understanding. Have a good weekend
  • Answered
    South Korea lis******* 2018-12-27
    Hello, customer? The items are shipped on the 24th and are now on the way to China's Weihai Port. The shipping invoice for the goods is received at the port of shipment, and if the shipment is made, the Korean postal service courier invoice will be issued. You can inquire after customs clearance. Please note that international shipments in China will take 7-10 business days from the date of shipment. Have a good year-end finish and a happy New Year. Thank you.
    YY-TRADING 2018-12-27
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