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FREE Shipping. Australian Pocallal Campo. 100% handicraft natural antimicrobial cutting board. Presents the clean nature of Australia
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forcarelFREE Shipping. Australian Pocallal Campo. 100% handicraft natural antimicrobial cutting board. Presents the clean nature of Australia

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forcarel / Australia Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (Australia)
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.(61-2-9419-2228 / dominica1968@hotmail.com)
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
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2018.12.17 ~ 2019.1.3

2018.12.13 목요일 3시 이전까지 주문건은 12.14일 금요일 배송
2018.12.13 목요일 3시 이후부터의 주문건은 2019. 1. 7 월요일 일괄배송

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Highly Recommend Dec 06, 2018 yhk*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend May 17, 2018 wow*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend May 12, 2018 kil*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Apr 03, 2018 byc*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Mar 24, 2018 she*** (KR KR)
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Question & Answer
  • Answered
    South Korea ysm******* 2018-12-08
    Private Enquiry
    NB18 2018-12-08
  • Answered
    South Korea swg******* 2018-07-04
    Hello ~ Thank you for your inquiry!
    Due to various factors, there is a delay in wearing the large size.
    I will be wearing a small amount in the beginning of next week.
    I am careful to make sure that the variables are constant.
    We will update the quantity immediately upon receipt
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Interested in finding our shop
    Once again, I truly appreciate it.
    Have a good day today ~
    Thank you ^ ^
    NB18 2018-07-04
  • Answered
    South Korea okv******* 2018-05-13
    Hello ~ Sorry for the delay!
    I have ordered the current size "Raji".
    Always "Raji" size is not enough water
    Our headquarters is notified that we will contact you within this week.
    We are waiting for you.
    Maybe this week at least late next week
    I do not think I will.
    I'm so sorry!
    I'll update you immediately.
    And the cradle sales
    Packaging for safe shipping
    It's not ready yet.
    We are putting off sales.
    I think it is overseas shipping
    Different sizes and shapes of boards and cradles
    There are problems that can arise when shipping together.
    Please understand that there is no plan for the time being.
    Thank you very much for visiting our shop!
    Have a good day today ~
    NB18 2018-05-14
  • Answered
    South Korea ns7******* 2018-05-02
    Hello ~ Thank you for your inquiry!
    We are currently ordering from Pocarreal headquarters.
    The order of size "big" is pushed.
    I received an answer about a week or so later.
    I'm afraid I have to wait a little longer.
    We will update as soon as stock!
    We believe in our shop and come back.
    Again, I sincerely thank you.
    Thank you!!
    NB18 2018-05-02
  • Answered
    South Korea she******* 2018-03-14
    Hello ~ Thank you for your inquiry !!
    I will order it to the factory and arrive this afternoon.
    We will open as soon as we arrive.
    Thank you!!
    NB18 2018-03-14
  • Answered
    South Korea ban******* 2018-01-15
    현재 고객님의 배송진행 사항입니다
    통관완료후 국내배송 대기중입니다

    Overseas Branch Out
    (해외창고출고) 2018-01-05 20:12:11
    Express Warehouse In
    (특송장 반입) 2018-01-07 10:55:00
    Cleared customs
    (통관 완료) 2018-01-09 14:14:33
    Express Warehouse Out
    (특송장 반출) 2018-01-09 19:10:45

    고객님께서는 국내배송 시작시 배송조회가능하신데요
    이미 공지사항에 말씀드렸습니다만
    해외물량 급증 및 한파로 인해
    지지난주 부터 발송한 건 거의 모두가
    통관은 완료 되었으나 현재 물류창고 계류중이라고 합니다.
    cj 대한통운에서 인수 후 국내배송을 시작하여야 하는데...
    현재 기존물량에 대한 배송업무가 원활히 돌아가지 않아
    제품 인수를 자체를 하지 못하고 있답니다.
    호주 현지택배사에서 현재 계속 푸쉬를 하고 있으나..
    워낙 국내사정이 여의치 않아 조금 더 걸릴 듯 합니다.
    분실은 아니오니 걱정안하셔도 될듯합니다만
    죄송해서 어쩌죠....
    계속해서 요청을 하고 있으니
    죄송하지만 조금만 더 기다려 주세요.
    정말 죄송합니다
    NB18 2018-01-15
  • Answered
    South Korea ssi******* 2018-01-10
    Private Enquiry
    NB18 2018-01-11
  • Answered
    ezp******* 2017-12-09
    네~ 약 40cm 맞습니다.
    해서 스몰이나 패들 같은 경우는 장식용등으로 많이 쓰이나
    미디움 사이즈 도마는
    사이즈가 일반 도마로도 쓰기 좋아서
    일반도마로 쓰기에 라지가 좀 무겁고 크게 느껴지시는 분들은
    미디움사이즈를 많이 찾으시고 만족해 하십니다.
    문의주셔서 감사하구요
    궁금한점 있으시면 언제든지 톡주세요~

    NB18 2017-12-09
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