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Iittala [IITTALA] Iittala Ultima Toure Rock Glass (Glass) 280ml ULTIMA THULE dof on-the-rocks 64-1192-950031-3

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* This shop is available only in English / Japanese * Seller Mar 22, 2017
* Reading * Shopping guide - Shipping / VAT Seller Mar 21, 2017
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Condition New Product
UPCCode 1
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Shipping From From Overseas (Japan)

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    * This shop is available only in English / Japanese *

    This shop is a Japanese shop, only available in English / Japanese. Thank you for your understanding that it is impossible to speak Korean.
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    * Reading * Shopping guide - Shipping / VAT

    <Shipping Related>
    * Since the product is shipped overseas, it takes about 7 ~ 12 days from order to shipping (excluding weekends and holidays).
    Air Delivery: 4 ~ 9 days after receipt of order
    Maritime Express: It takes about 8 ~ 15 days after receipt of order

    * Delivery may be delayed due to local holiday / airline circumstances.
    * Tracking is possible from international air transportation.
    * During overseas shipment, scratches and contamination of product box may be inevitably. Returns, refunds and cancellations are not possible.
    * Depending on the screen setting you are using, actual product images may differ slightly.
    * If the product package is subject to change without prior notice due to manufacturer.

    <VAT related taxes>
    US: If the price of the goods is more than $ 200, about 20% of the value of the goods will be charged separately from the customs from the Korean customs.
    Japan and other countries: If the price of the goods is over $ 150, 20% of the price of the goods will be charged separately from the customs from the customs office.

    * Voucher The standard amount of VAT includes discount coupon amount of shopping cart. The total amount of your payment, excluding shipping, is $ 150 or more.
    In addition, the VAT is different for each country.

    <Refund and exchange>
    * After shipment, cancellation and refund will not be possible due to cancellation tax and simple remorse.
    * If the item is defective, it can be exchanged and returned within 7 days after receiving the item (refund).
    * In case of electronic products, it can not be replaced by connecting the cord or damaging the original box.

    * All products in the shop are made in Japan. After importing from Korea, A / S is not possible.
    * Because it is a domestic water supply in Japan, there is no Korean manual or warr
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