Japanese Mora Steppasu ★ Hospital Prescription Pars ★ High-intensity Anti-inflammatory Analgesic Pa

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Question & Answer
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    South Korea tjsdntjg 2021-01-11
  • Answered
    South Korea yan******* 2020-07-13
    Hello, customer
    Thank you for your interest in our products.

    The Pas you purchased is an anti-inflammatory analgesic from Hysamitsu Pharmaceutical in Japan.
    In the age of the elderly, you can't get it easily in Japan.
    It can only be obtained by receiving a hospital prescription.
    It is known as a Japanese hospital prescription pass.
    It's now very easy and easy to trade internationally
    It is not easy to use medicine, so it is easy to use Namdaemun or Busan
    It seems that it was traded at Dokkaebi Market (Can Market, etc.).
    As a result, he doesn't know the exact name, and named it Japan Prescription Pas.
    Let's guess carefully.
    Actually, when you still inquire, [Grandma is looking for a Japanese prescription parlor]
    When you came to the inquiry, you were talking about Mora's Tape Paz^^;
    In other words, I know that it can be easily purchased at pharmacies in Japan or at the Don Quixote Mall.
    (In other words, the Japanese hospital prescription pass was the same as it used to be.
    That's how it was called, and now in Japan, without a prescription like Coin Pas
    Available for purchase^^)

    And the second thing you are curious about
    Because of the current corona, the exchange of international logistics as before
    I can't do it smoothly.
    Many products are out of stock.
    (There are many countries where EMS international parcel itself is not at all.)
    That's why we have a lot of people coming and going to Japan from time to time
    Through the local pharmacy or Donki Hotel Mall
    It is brought to Korea and is currently sold as domestic delivery.

    In fact, our company is a business that goes back and forth to Japan
    There are many people who are looking for coin and epas
    There were a lot of them, so I started out as a personal purchase
    Deal with existing regular customers (such as those who wish to purchase Japanese products)
    As I tried, some people wanted to pay with a card, so I put it on the queue
    To sell.
    (Eighty percent of our product purchases are 10-year-old regulars^^)

    sellerlee 2020-07-13
    First, I'll explain the part you're curious to make it easier to understand.
    I gave you an explanation, but since I wrote this, I don’t know if it was delivered.

    In summary, the one called Prescription Japan is a previously prescribed one.
    There are more seniors who know prescription prescriptions than their real name (Morastef Pas).
    I wrote it down like that, and now it is easy to use in Japan without being prescribed.
    It is a pars available.

    Secondly, Japanese products are sold in Korea, not in direct sales.
    You may be wondering if the product is real
    You can buy it at a pharmacy in Japan or at the Don Quixote Mall you can trust and use.
    So, it is brought to Korea and shipped.
    (That's why the international shipping fee portion is saved, making it more convenient for customers.
    It can be said that the reason for supply at an affordable price is also large)

    I hope the answer was helpful.
    Please feel free to contact us for more questions as far as I know
    I'll answer.

    Thank you^^
    You are~
    Thank you to our buyers.
    Was the question unpleasant ^^
    If so, sorry!!
    Thank you for arriving soon!!
    No ^^

    Please feel free to answer any questions you may have.
    Have a nice day!!
    Thank you.
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