KIRKLAND Signature[Kirkland] CoQ10 300 mg-100 Softgels

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★Information on order cancellation/return/delivery date★ Seller Sep 20, 2018
★Tracking is possible only after customs clearance is completed★ Seller Nov 11, 2019
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KIRKLAND Condition New Product
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  • Notice

    ★Information on order cancellation/return/delivery date★

    Our tail list is ordered by the customer,
    As soon as the order details are confirmed, we start preparing for the goods issue.

    ㄴIn the case of non-stocking: Order/purchase from overseas
    ㄴIn the case of stock holding: Preparing for delivery as soon as the order is confirmed

    ■ Order cancellation information
    1.Cancellation is possible only for orders placed on the same day from 9 am to 6 pm (excluding weekends)
    2. In the case of payment completion (pre-delivery preparation stage), the buyer can cancel

    ※For weekday orders: Orders can be canceled within 6pm on the day of order.
    ※For weekend orders: Orders can be canceled within 6pm on Mondays.

    Even if it is possible to cancel it,
    If the delivery is completed, it is treated as a simple change of heart.

    ■ In case of cancellation of order due to remorse after product is shipped
    Partial refund is in progress due to charges of 20% of the pa
  • Notice

    ★Tracking is possible only after customs clearance is completed★

    Delivery tracking can be traced after customs clearance in Korea.
    After arriving in Korea, customs clearance is completed, and when handed over to a domestic courier company, tracking is possible from then on.
    ※TV is delivered by single delivery/large cargo delivery, so delivery tracking is not possible.
    Access -> Cargo progress information -> MB/L-HB/L check -> Enter the waybill number in the right field -> Inquiry

    If you are unable to track, please wait a bit.
    After issuing the invoice number, the number is not found to track the shipment.
    Sometimes they ask me if it's a ghost invoice number
    never !!! Not a ghost invoice number.

    ★After arrival at the port, customs clearance must be completed before delivery can be tracked.★

    -Products from the USA: Panhan Pantos
    -Products from Ja
  • Answered
    South Korea 배송문의 2021-03-18
    Hello, customer
    This product requires some product preparation period.
    (Information on related details page)
    We will be grateful if you wait a bit and we will proceed with shipment in order.
    Thank you
    taillist(테일리스트) 2021-03-19
  • Answered
    South Korea baaadbad 2021-03-16
    Hello, customer
    So that delivery can be carried out by working as quickly as possible in the local area.
    I'll try my best
    Sorry for the inconvenience
    taillist(테일리스트) 2021-03-16
  • Answered
    South Korea baaadbad 2021-03-13
    Hello, customer
    We are sorry that the response was delayed due to the delay in local confirmation.
    The order was shipped on the 23rd, but it is estimated that the product was lost during the shipping and delivery process.
    I will tell you
    We will process it as quickly as possible, but it will take a certain amount of time.
    I ask for permission from the customer
    taillist(테일리스트) 2021-03-16
  • Answered
    South Korea baaadbad 2021-03-12
    Hello, customer
    The order you ordered is confirmed to have been delivered 3/2 days by invoice 386694228822
    You can view it on the Korea Express site.
    Thank you
    taillist(테일리스트) 2021-03-12
  • Answered
    South Korea baaadbad 2021-03-02
    Private Enquiry
    taillist(테일리스트) 2021-03-03
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