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NatureHike★Ships within 24 hours★2020 Nature Hike field bed (NH19JJ006) / 2020 latest version in stock (XJC06)

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    • 2020 low black
    • 2020 model (NH19JJ006) black
    • 2020 model (NH19JJ006) khaki
    • The latest improved black in 2020 (XJC06/NH20JJ009)
    • The latest improved khaki in 2020 (XJC06/NH20JJ009)
    • 2020 low beige (khaki)

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Notes on purchase Qoo10 customer center May 10, 2018
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홍콩/중국 Condition New Product
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Shipping From From Overseas (China)

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    Name of the Korean name when ordering the product. Please enter your address and personal clearance code.
    Qoo10 customer center
  • Answered
    South Korea gnsl7022 2021-03-01
    Hi. This is Givins Manager. First, please check the 1.Shipping information guide at the bottom of the detail page. Your product was normally shipped on the 22nd and arrived at Incheon Port Customs on the night of the 25th and customs clearance is in progress. (For reference, it is closed from the 27th to March 1st of Korean Customs. / Refer to the attached file), as an additional guide, the sent product will arrive at Incheon Port or Pyeongtaek Port Customs after 3 business days, and clear customs after arrival. Please allow at least 2 business days to complete. (Currently, after the Chinese New Year holidays, customs clearance is expected to be delayed due to an increase in the quantity of customs clearance in Korea.) If you are handed over to the courier after customs clearance is completed, you can check the waybill from that point. In general, you can receive the product within 2 business days after handing over to the courier. Thank you. Givins Manager
    vins 2021-03-01
  • Answered
    South Korea namjongs 2021-02-19
    Private Enquiry
    vins 2021-02-20
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
  • Answered
    South Korea a01040998487 2021-02-17
    Private Enquiry
    vins 2021-02-17
  • Answered
    South Korea jjongjjonga 2021-02-09
    The new model with improved leg breakage was damaged during the second fastening.
    Prior to consumer negligence, I doubt the durability of the product.
    please answer about my question.
    Should I buy a leg?
    Good morning. This is Givins Manager. Currently, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause due to the delay in response due to the Chinese New Year (New Year) holiday. It is confirmed that the date of receipt of your product is January 23, 2021, and it is confirmed that more than 15 days have passed since the product was received. In the case of damage during use, free exchange or refund will not be provided. Currently, only parts for the latest improved black (XJC06/NH20JJ009) for 2020 are not supplied separately. Please contact us again on February 22, after the Lunar New Year holidays (New Year holidays). Thank you. Givins Manager
    vins 2021-02-09
    It means that only parts cannot be supplied.
    Is the parts coming on the 22nd?
    This product has obvious defects.
    The number of leg breaks proves it.
    If you can’t buy the legs separately
    Are you saying discard the rest?
    After receipt, it was inspected, fastened, stored, went camping, and broke at the second fastening.
    I didn't use it every day and I didn't run on top.
    I can't understand
    Since you have notified in advance, you can pass it over as the responsibility of the consumer who purchased it.
    If you have a seller mind, please try to buy a broken leg.
    It's not a penny or two, because this happens steadily and you know the problem.
    Hi. This is Givins Manager. Thank you for your comments. We also want to supply spare parts for customers. In this regard, we have been asking Naturehike headquarters for parts supply (for free or for a fee) for three years, but the response from Naturehike headquarters is quite lukewarm. (If you keep requesting, it is about a very small supply (paid supply) once in a while.) What we can tell you now is that we supply parts to Nature Hike after the Chinese New Year holidays (until February 21st) I will make a request. However, it is difficult to give an answer as to when parts are supplied and customers can purchase parts. We ask for your understanding and understanding. We don't think we'll stop after selling our products. However, since Naturehike's headquarters is lukewarm about the supply of parts, we can only answer like this.......... Again, we ask for your understanding and understanding. Thank you. Givins Manager
  • Answered
    South Korea jjongjjonga 2021-02-07
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
    vins 2021-02-09
  • Answered
    South Korea zaku7 2021-01-30
    Private Enquiry
    vins 2021-02-01
  • Answered
    South Korea wnduf968 2021-01-27
    Private Enquiry
    vins 2021-01-27
    Private Enquiry
  • Answered
    South Korea rlcl2881 2021-01-26
    Good morning. This is Givins Manager. no. This is after October 28 last year. It can be misunderstood, so I have corrected it now. Shipment is possible within 24 business days after ordering. Thank you. Givins Manager
    vins 2021-01-26
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