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Omron Low Frequency Therapy Equipment 3D Electric Pulse Pro HV - F 1200 (6010429)

OMRONOmron Low Frequency Therapy Equipment 3D Electric Pulse Pro HV - F 1200 (6010429)

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Subject Register Date
<주의!> 모든 상품은 관부과세 미포함 금액입니다. Seller 2017-10-11
해외에서 자가사용 목적으로 건강기능식품품목 구매 시 수량 제한 관련 Seller 2017-10-11
○Shipping / 발송에 대해서 Seller 2017-11-24
Place of origin
OMRON / China Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (Japan)
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
JANCode 4975479405037
Brief Description オムロン 低周波治療器3Dエレパルスプロ HV-F1200 片側3電極×2枚の大型パッドが、 立体的な「3D手もみ治療」を実現!
BOOKMARK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
(*) Your payment shall not be protected if you deposit directly into seller’s account, not using Qoo10 payment methods.

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    <주의!> 모든 상품은 관부과세 미포함 금액입니다.

    대한민국 관세법 상 일본에서 들어오는 물건에 대하여 통관 시 상품가격이 150달러(배송비 제외)일 경우
    관세가 발생될 수 있습니다. 관세발생 시 구매자님께서 직접 지불 후 수취를 하셔야 하며
    관세지불 거부로 상품이 반송될 경우, 일본에서 한국까지의 배송비를 제외 후, 환불되므로 주의바랍니다.

    자세한 관세 부과 기준 및 청구되는 비용 등 저희샵에서 상세 확인이 어려우므로
    기준 등이 모호하시거나, 상세 확인이 필요하실 경우 구매자님께서 직접 관세청 사이트 등에 문의하셔서
    충분한 검토 후 구매를 결정 해주실 것을 추천드립니다.

    참고로 저희 샵에서 구매하신 금액이 150달러 이하여도
    동시에 다른 사이트 또는 Qoo10 내 타 판매자 샵에서 구매하신 주문이
    동일 기간에 통관될 결우, 합과세 대상이 되어 관부과세가 발생될 수 있다고 합니다.
    아래 구매수량 제한에 의한 폐기 및 관부과세 지불을 원하시지 않으실 경우,
    반드시 충분한 시간을 갖고 반복구매해주실 것을 추천드립니다.

    International orders are subject to duties and taxes, which are the responsibility of the customer and
    must be paid upon receipt of shipment.
    Contact your customs office for more information on duties, taxes and restricted products.

  • Notice

    해외에서 자가사용 목적으로 건강기능식품품목 구매 시 수량 제한 관련

    한국에서 건강기능식품의 경우 자가사용허가 기준이 1인당 6병이고,
    기준 초과 시(기준초과분에 대하여) 통관과정에서 반송 또는 폐기 진행된다고 합니다.
    반송/폐기가 진행 시 샵에서는 구매자분에게 보상해드릴 방법이 없기에
    반드시 자가사용을 목적으로 구매 검토를 부탁드리며, 구매하시는 상품 수량이 6개가 넘지 않도록 주의바랍니다.
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    ○Shipping / 발송에 대해서

    Self Collection: We do not conduct self collection at this point in time due to our tight schedule. Singpost Local Mail: All local mail are non-trackable. Qxpress Shipping: This is a 3rd party service and once item is picked up by Qxpress, the tracking code will be made available in the Qoo10 system. In the event that delivery takes longer than usual, please understand that it is beyond our control.

    셀프·컬렉션: 엄격한 스케쥴 때문에, 현시점으로 셀프·컬렉션을 가 보지 못했습니다. Singpost로컬 메일: 모든 로컬 메일은 추적불가능합니다. Qxpress배송: 이것은 제삼자 서비스이며, Qxpress에서 상품을 받으면, Qoo10시스템으로 추적 코드가 이용가능해집니다. 납기가 통상보다도 길게(오래) 걸릴 경우는, 당사의 관리 범위외인 것을 이해해 주세요.
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    Qxpress shipment - change of address / failure of delivery

    When the item is picked up by Qxpress, a tracking code is generated and the buyer can view the tracking status from that order. If delivery fails, Qxpress will attempt a second delivery. To change your address or request re-distribution, please call Qxpress (64348400), email info@qxpress.sg, and quote the tracking number.
  • Notice

    Note the difference in voltage / 電圧の違いにご注意下さい

    [Note the difference in voltage / 電圧の違いにご注意下さい]
    Japan: 100 V
    Korea: 220V


    일본의 콘센트를 사용하는 제품의 대부분은 100V입니다.
    한국과 중국의 220V 콘센트에서 사용하시면 고장의 원인이되므로 반드시 전압을 바꾸는 변압기를 함께 사용하세요.
    또한, 오므론 등 배터리만으로도 사용할 수있는 제품은 배터리만으로 이용을 권장합니다.
    만약 그 원인으로 고장 버리면 반품 · 교환 등의 보증을받지 않게되어 버리는 경우가 있으므로주의하시기 바랍니다.

    Many products using Japanese outlets are 100V.
    Please be sure to use a transformer that changes the voltage as it will cause malfunction if you use it at 220V outlet in Korea or China.
    In addition, we recommend that you use only batteries, such as Omron, which can be used only with batteries.
    Please be aware that there are cases where guarantees such as returned goods and exchanges will not be accepted if they break down due to the cause.
  • FAQ

    Is the country of origin from Japan?

    Speak contact contact contact contact. Speak contact contact contact contact.
    Since these products are made in Omron China Factory, they are made in the same way as the products sold in Japan and sold in Japan, and as a result of the strict checks and inspections by Japanese companies Please be assured that you will be able to take your examination.
  • Answered
    South Korea pun******* 2018-07-11
    Thank you for contacting us.
    As you say, the Elepulse series of HV - F 1200 is quite difficult to sell with popular items.
    It was nice to have bought it cheaply! congratulations!
    Currently it is this price because it is the last one, but it will be a while ahead, but I would like to make it a sale price when we arrived in bulk, so thank you.
    Oshare_cafe_Qoo10 2018-07-11
  • Answered
    South Korea lio******* 2018-07-05
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This item is a commodity that can not prepare a translation memo because it is not written with a commodity name title [with translation memo]. In addition, we have put another translation elecrase series for reference in the service.
    Thank you for your understanding.


    Oshare_cafe_Qoo10 2018-07-05
  • Answered
    South Korea dnw******* 2018-06-22
    Oh, and can I buy additional pads separately?
    Thank you for your question.
    This product seems to be able to adjust the strength from 1 to 20 levels.
    Also, the electrode of the pad becomes three, it is the upper version of the series which made it possible to produce a massage effect more stereoscopically. It also works with batteries, so you can use it while you go and sleeping in bed. (Please note that using the outlet ※ If you do not have a transformer, please be careful because it will cause malfunction. We recommend using batteries) If you are interested, it is quite handy at this price Please do not purchase as soon as possible.

    For details, please check the following product link page.

    In addition, this product has a pad attached. Please check the image for accessories.
    However, we do not sell additional replacement pads at our shop.

    The replacement pad model number is as follows.

    3D large pad for Omron low frequency treatment device: HV - 3DPAD

    Humbly thank you for your review and consideration.
    Thank you very much.
    Oshare_cafe_Qoo10 2018-06-25
  • Answered
    South Korea kss******* 2018-06-22
    Private Enquiry
    Oshare_cafe_Qoo10 2018-06-25
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