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    广东 广州市 白云区 *****

    Guangdong Guangzhou Baiyun *****

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    广东 广州市 白云区 梅岗路1号201栋

    Guangdong Guangzhou Baiyun Meigang Lu 1 Hao 201 Dong 505


  • •  Shipping rate : Shipping rate can differ from item to item. Please see individual item page.


  • •  If you want to get refund or return item you received, please contact us.
    Return address :广东 广州市 白云区 梅岗路1号201栋
  • •  We don’t accept the cases below :
    - Over 7days from receiving item
    - If items are open/used or damaged
    - Sending item without prior contact